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Everybody else was doing it... - *~LSMSA c/o 2005~* [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Louisiana School Class of 2005!!

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Everybody else was doing it... [Jul. 8th, 2005|01:19 am]
Louisiana School Class of 2005!!


The Senior Book Survey

Best Friend: Agnes and Allison
Worst Enemy: Nichole Guillot
Crushes: Some tall, blond guy...don't really remember his name

The "est's"
Wildest: Paulette
Craziest: David Wolff
Funniest: Colbye Prim and Bunkie
Coolest: Emley Kerry and Walker Shurlds
Nicest: Jordan Kennedy and Devon Thompson
Shortest: Andy Nguyen
Tallest: T Brian

The Sexxiest
Lips: Kellen Foster and Amanda Pittman
Legs: Janice Hartner (in fishnets) and Andy Dodd
Eyes: Emily Perkins and Agnes Hall
Hair: Andy Dodd! and Anna Mathai
Abs: Andy Dodd again!
Butt: Eric Frederickson!! haha!
Overall: ME! (nah, I can't say)

The Best & The Worst
Best Dance Moves: David Lee and Swati Jain
Worst Dance Moves: Kyle Bridges
Best Dressed: Andy Nyugen and Jen Whiddon
Worst Dressed: Sheila Dixon
Best Hair: Andy Dodd
Worst Hair: Emily Perkins (until she bleached it again)
Best Look: Allison Cormier and Jared Davis
Best Couple: Crystal and Jake
Oddest Couple: Chase and Madeline?
Best Dance: Junior and Senior prom! Yay!
Best Party: Christmas Party in A201 (complete w/cards!)

Biggest thing you got away with: Either the cards or the stadium
Did you catch any SLA's doing wrong stuff (please refrain from any Juton references): nope
Did you do anything illegal: trespassed at the stadium
How often did you do illegal stuff: trespassed ALL THE TIME
Did you ever get caught: almost once!
If you could tell one person something that you could never told them before it would be: Akshar, I had a crazy dream about you.

[User Picture]From: rhapsodyinblond
2005-07-18 09:23 pm (UTC)
hahahaha you'll have to ask me about it personally if you rrreeeaaalllyyy want to know!
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