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Louisiana School Class of 2005!!

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Hmmm..... [Jun. 23rd, 2005|01:44 pm]
Louisiana School Class of 2005!!
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Slow Down/ Bobby Valentino]

The Senior Book Survey

Best Friend: Yes
Worst Enemy: Candice Motherfuckin' Cook
Crushes: Dori, Dari, Becca B, Lindsay H, Anna M

The "est's"
Wildest: Augie, Bunkie, Randy, Paulette, Jenny P, Nelly, Vijay
Craziest: Tyrah, Sha'carra, Kaylord, Vaughn, Nelly, Gina P
Funniest: Bunkie, Tyrah, Vaughn, Maya, Jamaal
Coolest: Vijay, Henry, Tyi, Rosa M, E Perkins, E Kerry, Jen W, Jen C, Del, Bre'G
Nicest: Jin P, Jordan K, Andy, Andy
Shortest: Lil Kerry
Tallest: Picou
Prettiest/Handsomest: Jenny Z, Paige, Lindsay, Kellen, P, Foster (I crack myself up)

The Sexxiest
Lips: April, Maria, E. Kerry
Legs: Perkins, Madi, Becca B, Jaclyn Biondini, Kelsey S, Gretchen
Eyes: Dana D, Laurel, Taylor
Hair: Maralei, Paige, Vanessa, Maria
Abs: Kellen, Jen C, Madi, Perkins, Jen W, Tyi
Butt: Kellen, Paulette, Jaclyn B, Maya, JOYCE, E. Kerry, Bre'G, Gretchen, Megan M
Overall: Kellen, E. Kerry, Jaclyn B, Becca B, Gretchen, Maria, Tyi, Bre'G

The Best & The Worst
Best Dance Moves: Kellen, Randy, Maya, Joyce, Aprielle, Tyi, Vijay, Rosa, Megan M
Worst Dance Moves: Craig D, Joey, Greg S, Mike W, Erica D & her boyfriend
Best Dressed: Akshar, Nick, Vijay, Henry, Megan M, Rachael Joe, Bre'G
Worst Dressed: Everyone dresses nicely in their own special way
Best Hair: Maralei, Ariel
Worst Hair: Everyone has nice hair in their own special way
Best Look: E. Perkins, Vijay, Henry, Maralei
Best Couple: Andy & Lindsay, Kaynessa, Crystal & Jake, Ronak & Jenny
Oddest Couple: Kristen D & that big dude, Sheila & Sean & Matt
Best Dance: The first dance of my jr. year
Best Party: Winter Formal 04-05 after party

Biggest thing you got away with: I don't know
Did you catch any SLA's doing wrong stuff (please refrain from any Juton references): Does John and Slater count
Did you do anything illegal: Yes
How often did you do illegal stuff: Not as often as some may think
Did you ever get caught: I ALMOST got caught on several occasions but I never actually got caught
If you could tell one person something that you could never told them before it would be: Randy, me and Ahn ate your peanut butter when you went home that weekend.

P.S. Was I not supposed to mention myself in this survey? Oh well.

[User Picture]From: kaylaashley
2005-06-23 09:29 pm (UTC)
DAMN!! I didn't make the list anywhere. geez. lol. its ok.whatever
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[User Picture]From: missm_717
2005-06-23 11:29 pm (UTC)
1st dance of jr yr was the best
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[User Picture]From: bumpngrind1001
2005-06-24 02:47 am (UTC)
were you not sposed to mention yurself? maybe, maybe not. but that many times? damn dawg. and how u gone put yourself in front of me in dancing? jus cuz you got me that one time w/ the robot thing. wait till i hit them a town clubs. my robot gone be off the chain.
i knew you FUCKERS ate my peanut butter. well i knew ahn did
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[User Picture]From: speciousness
2005-07-07 06:01 pm (UTC)
haha i like the peanut butter confession. seems like people were always in it with randy about his food. anyway, yeah first dance of jr year WAS the best, i forgot about that.
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